“Very well crafted and written in the mode of Basho and other hermit poets, men who separated themselves from the violence of society. Utterances both charming and fearless.” – Roger Mitchell, author of Lemon Peeled the Moment Before

“Each pause; each stitch of thought, becomes an entirely consuming architecture within his poetry.” – Joshua Tool, author of Sleep & Other Things Shaped Like Death

Recent Publications

“South Florida” – The Curlew Volume III Issue II Crataegus, The Wild Wood Press, March 2019

“Sandstorm” & “Saucebox” – Poetry South Issue 11, Mississippi University for Women, 2019

“Libel” & “Shampoo” – River Poets Journal Volume 12 Issue 2, Lilly Press, January 2019

“Lady Memory” – Shot Glass Journal Issue 26, Muse-Pie Press, September 2018.

“Hike Within A Hike” – Right Hand Pointing Issue 125, August 2018

“The Sunset Witch” – One Sentence Poems, July 2018

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